SM CARRELAGE & BAINS knows and loves tiling. Our team works with the very best makers and techniques. We constantly seek the latest designs, the most innovative technologies and the newest ideas. The leading Italian and Spanish tile makers have chosen SM CARRELAGE & BAINS to display and work with their products.

We offer a magnificent range of choices for your indoor and outdoor spaces. We work with tiles made of the very best materials and create every ambiance you seek.

Find every shape, from the tiniest tiles in the world (5X5 millimetres) to the biggest tiles there are (1.50X3 meters), and every kind of ambiance! Traditional, mineral, baroque, art deco, ethnic, classic, loft-style, pop, vintage, contemporary, chic, modern, futurist, minimalist...

Architects, interior decorators, developers and individuals: take full advantage of our team of experts who can help you bring your projects to life. 

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