Bathrooms are a relaxing space in the home. Source of water and rejuvenation in addition to a space for preparing for the day, today’s bathroom is a place for rest and relaxation.

Our spa tubs provide the intensity of a massage, with special nozzles able to apply 450 g of pressure on the skin. With the unique Hydrosilence system, the nose of the motor and the pump are reduced to 0 dB and you enjoy the full benefits of your spa bath.

In addition to utter relaxation, the hammam cleanses the skin and tones the respiratory tract. Our hammams are designed by the leading manufacturer who was the first to introduce steam showers. Their experience enables us to adapt the system to the available space, maintain a stable temperature of 50 °C and provide a 100% level of steam.

If you want dry heat, our range of saunas also fits your space. Our saunas, which are the Finnish sauna tradition, are very easy to use. Saunas tone the skin, strengthen our natural defences, and stimulate the circulatory system.

All our systems also come with chro­motherapy. Built-in speakers enable you to listen to your favourite music while you relax (embedded system or Blutooth). They can also connect to your home automation system.

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