Personalised and unique design

We all see the world around us in our own unique way. Our needs, desires, and sensations define who we are. We know what works, so the SM Bath and Tile Showroom offers a wide range of colours, materials, shapes, and functions...

The bathroom becomes the physical expression of an idea: a harmonious refuge of peace, a ritual space for purifying body and mind, an open bathroom layout, or the opposite, a veritable cozy cocoon…yes, the possibilities are infinite. 


Stitch by stitch…

The common thread is the concept that takes shape in space. Our guidance and our design concepts stem from our architectural notions like circulation, visual tableaux, atmosphere, lighting, ergonomics, function, coherence, rhythm… 
We tend deliberately to the relations and communications between the client and the various professionals involved, and so the project takes shape in the form of a complete dossier. This is the master plan of the work to be done, including plans, layout, and technical specifications of the elements, and the perspectives to be achieved.


From Dream to Reality

To respond to as many of your expectations as possible, the project is studied on two complementing software projects. The 3D software gives your room volume so you can show all the finishing details: modify partitions, optimise the tile placement plans, adjust the alignment, colour, and size of the joints, integrate our furnishings and facilities, position the bathroom fittings…Also, the Phototuning software transforms the sketch into ultra-realistic photos. Play with shadow and light, the reflection in the chromed stainless steel, the warmth of the wood, the grain of the painting, the transparency of the glass, the gentle quality of the Corian…Your dream becomes a reality. 

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